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About:  Building Brains Educational Programs is an educational program designed to teach students science and math through the use of Lego educational building kits. These students develop critical thinking skills as well as fine motor skills by using engineering principals to build simple machines. The written curriculum includes math concepts such as “Pythagoras Theorem”. Gear ratios, circumference and diameter, are other concepts included in this rich curriculum. The students range from 3 to 14 years of age. Their motto is: We not only build simple machines and then motorize them…



Kim Koenig is the Director of Building Brains, which was incorporated in 2007, in order to teach after school programs and facilitate summer camps for students 3 to 14 years of age. Her background includes 10 years of early childcare, substituting in the Cy Fair school district and Managing a Computer Explorers Franchise for 2 years. These three learning experiences were the catalyst to start a new educational program which would teach students key information they need to be successful in science and math through the use of “HANDS ON” teaching techniques. Building Brains students are exposed to many of the TEKS for elementary school and master them by actually wrapping their hands and head around a problem.


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